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The Rock Hound Lounge is a place for you to learn all about rocks, gems, minerals, and especially how to find them yourself. Teachers are welcome here as this will be an invaluable resource for students studying earth science, geology, and even anthropology in the "Artifacts, Arrowheads, and Primative Tools" section on the forum. Sign up and become a member of the "RHL forum" where you can post your own pictures and adventures, ask questions, and learn more about rocks and minerals. The forum is where all the action is. The most recent adventures and finds of RHL members and myself are posted there. Questions from students or members will be answered or discussed there. Best of all the forum has pictures of specimens, locations, and artifacts found or owned by the members Rock Hound Lounge.  Join me on my rock'n adventures in the "Adventure Diary"  You can learn how to become a rock hound in my "Rock Hound Education" section where I include several tips on how to become the best.  Also you can even shop for specimens in my shop.  The money generated from my shop will be used to fund additional trips and also pay for the expense of providing this website and its information to you.  Sit back and relax at the Rock Hound Lounge.   For any questions or suggestions Contact Me

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