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August 24, 2009 Bob called me at 5pm with enthusiasm in his voice. "Oh my!", he said, "I just pulled out a cluster of tesin crystals!"  So
I got out of work clothes and threw my shovel in the truck.
When I arrived Bob stood there smiling at me.  He was standing next to a pile of tesin habit crystals.  He took me over to an area where
there were numerous veins of quartz with mica all around them.  So I searched for and located my own vein to begin picking away at.
The vein soon revealed a small tesin crystal.
A few minutes later and it began to rain.  It was a single rain cloud that rained for about five minutes all the while leaving a message in the sky.
In the hot humid air it was very refreshing. Then it passed and all was dry again. 
This crystal was found loose and under the tread marks of a bull dozer.  How did it survive?  There was no damage to the crystal.
It had a perfect tip.
This is the opposite side of the previous crystal.
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