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Re: Hamilton County
Reply #15 - Sep 24th, 2015 at 7:35pm
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Well yeah, Mississippi isn't that far away. And all they got is all the gravel from everywhere else.
Talk about it all runs down hill! Smiley
That publication is very informative and a great visual identification reference.
I knew the Sioux quartzite is found along the rivers in Arkansas and Mississippi,
I don't know why I didn't think more about everything else ending up down there too.
I did notice when first looking at your pics how some definitely looked like "Crowleys Ridge" agates
but didn't get into that because that type of agate can be found in many places.
And in your above mentioned reference it's interesting that they call similar agates,
Plate 2, Page 5, #'s 10-13, "common" agate types and not Crowleys.

Anyway, it's obviously worth the hunt. Smiley
Don't give up on looking at any stream channel alluvial deposit mining operations closer to home.
Good luck.

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Re: Hamilton County
Reply #16 - Sep 24th, 2015 at 9:07pm
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Ooo...good eye Joe!  A lot of interesting similarities I would love to hit some of those gravel bars on the west side of the St Francis after a little hunting down South on the Mississippi side.  Crater of Diamonds field trip anyone?
Just south of Crowley Ridge and the confluence of the Mississippi and St Francis rivers I see
Martin Marrietta and LaFarge Aggregates.  I am guessing if the material included Crowley Ridge agate then the gravel came from LaFarge due to its location.  Martin Marrietta has a facility in Chattanooga as does Vulcan but Vulcan's Mississippi quarry is a bit further North and Martin Marrietta seems to primarily be mining granite in that area.

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