Wake County, NC, 7-20-2008.  On this day I was with my good friend Joe taking a look at a creek that has been known to produce some pretty nice crystals.  Today I found two very nice crystals. 
Joe and I began by searching the creek off to one side of the road.  We put on our rubber boots and began walking the creek side by side.  It wasn't even 30 seconds in before I spotted this beauty laying right in the middle of the creek bed on top of the gravel.  It was obvious it had been rolled in the creek for a while as the edges were rounded and it was dinged in a few places.  I was still very happy with it.  The picture below is the same one next to measuring tape for scale.
This one I spotted poking out of the road that cut across the creek.  I didn't know how nice it was until I pulled it out.  What a surprise!  Although only 3/4 of the entire crystal was there I was still very pleased.   Joe and I dug around in the same area but did not locate a vein or pocket that contained more of these.

My friend Joe was visibly upset as he exclaimed, "man I walked right over that!".  It was just my lucky day.