July 11, 2009.  It was a lazy sunny Saturday.  Lazy days aren't for digging so I grabbed my walking stick, bug spray, and boots and made my way to one of my favorite creeks.  Both quartz crystals and agate can be found in this creek.  This creek is wide and shallow making it very easy to navigate while offering plenty to look at.  This is a peaceful and therapeutic creek.  
In this section of the creek we have found quartz with what seems like pyrite negatives.   No such finds today though.  A lot of rain water has come through here since last I visited.
Close inspection finds this broken smoky crystal on a large gravel bar.
The sound of birds, water, and leaves, was sparsely interrupted by a bicyclist racing over the bridge fdddddddddddrump like a giant washboard -- eye's forward, racing, and ipod in the ears.  God forbid they slow down, look, and listen.  
I was beginning to spot the first signs of agate.  The color of the agate I have found here is brown, yellow, white, orange, and red.      

This creek and all the area around it have been overtaken with kudzu.  It produces some neat lavendar and purple flowers.  (above)
Its important to know what poison ivy looks like so that you can avoid coming home with a lot more than you wanted. Urushio is the substance created by this plant that causes the itching rash nightmare most people get from touching it.  Notice the berries and the three leaflets.    The vine that was the source of this tendril was as big as my arm.  I have never had the poison ivy rash and I hope to keep it that way.
Another piece of agate with the banded pattern. (above)
I'm interested in the pieces with red because of the aesthetics of contrasting colors. (below)  
Although vigilance is the best tool for rockhounding I didn't need much of it to find this one. Its color made it slightly camouflaged but its classic shape was a dead give away.  In the middle of a large gravel bar this one lie waiting.
Before picking it up I was thinking to myself "Is this thing going to be all busted up and broken on the other side?".    
A few dings here, a few dings there, a few dings there and there, . there and. . . still pretty enough for me.