Crabtree Emerald Mine, Grassy Creek Township, North Carolina.  11th - 12th oct. 2008.  My good friend and rock hound Joe and I made a visit to one of our favorite spots in the North Carolina mountains.  The weather was great and we made out with some pretty neat specimens.

Here's a view from the top of the ridge before heading down into the mine.
The small island of grass and weeds was once the entrance to the old mine shaft.  The mine workers struck water which filled the mine quickly with water.  It was at this time that the mine was last operational.  Since it is unaccessable visitors can only search the tailings.  And there is much material to search through.
Different hues of green and yellow beryl can be found here in various sizes.  Here are some of my finds from this trip.  As you can see some of the beryl was much more gemier than others.  The matrix rock you see in the upper left contains tourmaline.  As a matter of fact, almost all the rock at Crabtree contains tourmaline.  A rock with emerald, tourmaline, and the white feldspar or quartz can make some spectacular jewelry.
The one above was one of my better finds.  It always reminds me of an apple Jolly Rancher.
The specimen above is the stuff everyone wants to find at the Crabtree.  It's got dark green gemmy emerald throughout the matrix.  It can be kept as a specimen or cabbed and made into very beautiful jewelry.