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October 25, 2009  Wake County, NC. Credit goes to Joe Moylan my friend and rockhound for finding this great spot.   This is an area
within a zone we identify as the crystalline zone.  Many of the crystals in this zone are smoky and  have mica, rutile, and tourmaline inclusions.
An interesting characteristic of many of the crystals in this zone is a tessin habit.  This means these crystals grew in higher temperatures around
500 C or 932
F.  The tessin habit is one in which the crystal has a wide base that narrows up along the axis to a small point at the termination
forming a wedge shape. 
There was quartz everywhere at this construction site.  Most of the quartz was from alluvial deposits.  There were rounded quartz rocks
everywhere.  It was very peculiar, however, that we would still find pristine crystals within the alluvium.  My guess is that the area is one big
ancient mud slide where rounded quartz that were exposed to weathering on the surface were mixed in with the pristine ones that were
gouged out of in situ dikes by the alluvium.
In certain areas the quartz was very abundant yet absent of any crystals or crystal faces.
Here is an example of a crystal that has obviously been deposited by the alluvium.  The rounded edges, and the scratched
and chipped surface, indicate that it has been in water where it has collided with other rocks to produce the damage.
Here is the damaged crystal after digging it up.
Here is another alluvial find. 
This one has the tessin habit shape.
I saw something flash out of the corner of my eye.
The fact that it was almost completely buried made it look as though it were a deep smoky color, but when exposed to the sunlight
it only has a slight grey smoky color.  This is an example of one of the pristine crystals that can be found within the alluvium.
This is what Joe and I are now referring to as an EOD or "edge of dike" piece. This is where the edge
of a dike has become crystallized and is usually covered with m faces and sometimes terminations.
This piece has two crystal m faces.
Just before packing up I saw this at the foot of the truck.  It was just the m face or long prism face of a crystal exposed flush with the surface.
Here is the same crystal after extraction.  This crystal had a more normal habit.  Another pristine crystal.
Here was an EOD with terminations that Joe found.
Here is a chunk of a water worn crystal found among the alluvium here.
This is another water worn tessin habit crystal found in this area.
Here is an EOD piece I found with gemmy red rutile next to a mica book buried in the quartz.
Although very small, these crystals of rutile are a clear and beautiful ruby red.
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