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September 12, 2010  It was a beautiful Sunday.  With autumn right around the corner, next week in fact, the near
100 F or 38 C days have been replaced by much more agreeable temperatures.  Well, here I was again poking away at the
fissures of Wake County. This construction site was recently re-graded, revealing more fissures to explore.  The mica and
quartz were exposed on the surface beckoning like glittering arrows pointing toward crystals in the ground.
Just a few minutes of exploration and I find this exposed fissure.  A little poking and hints of crystallization on the quartz
necessitated further excavation. 
The mica was obviously present.  Although mundane by itself the mica has taken on a new meaning for Joe and I when we find it
within a fissure.  The crystals we find are always found next to or encased within a mica and clay mixture.  We have found nice
crystals in fissures without mica, but it is not very common.  It may be possible that the mica that was in those "micaless" fissures
completely weathered away.
Here Joe excavates away with his spoon aka trowel.  This fissure is producing nice crystal faces and plenty of mica.
Here is a nice crystal Joe pulled  from the previous fissure.  Although it may look incomplete it has been healed over every surface.
Another crystal from the same fissure.
A small crystal peeks up through the mica infused clay extracted from the center of a fissure.
Joe points to the location of where the previous crystal was positioned with termination facing down.
Another of Joe's finds.  A normal habit crystal with a perfect termination.
If I made this report in chronological order this would have been the first picture in the report.  And if I did post this first everything
else would pale in comparison perhaps comprimising any interest in the rest of the report.  So considering those things I decided to
post this find last. This crystal was kicked up by the bulldozers recent re-grading work near the road side.  It was lying on top of
the dirt as is. I'm pretty lucky that the construction workers weren't also rockhounds.  It was completely undamaged and has a
perfect termination.
12 cm in length.
6.5 cm thick at the base.
This was Joe Moylan's reaction to seeing the crystal for the first time.
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