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September 13, 2009  Bob and I had a full day of driving around Wake County to look for crystals.  
Our first stop was a construction site where the rain had melted all the mud into thick layer left to crack in the sun.
The veins we were working on in the past were now underneath this layer. Fortunately there were a few exposed
veins in other places but still no luck at this spot.
The next spot Bob took us to was a spot next to a developement that he had found crystals in the past.
Unfortunately the area was overgrown with brush and briars so access was difficult.
We did find milky quartz with faces on the surface. Signs of crystallization were lying all about us,
but once again no luck here.
We also found that we weren't alone. Other diggers were here.
Lots of diggers.
Off to the next spot. A creek that we find crystals in all the time.
A careful eye can avoid days of itching. I nearly walked right through this poisen ivy patch.
Superman Bob jumps off the wall with tools in hand.
Here's the weird find of the day. Bob was digging into a vein when he uncovered a big round concretion of iron.
It was now completely turned into limonite or rust. This was not slag because it was in place in a vein.
It was simply a hollow ball of rust. After extracting it he threw it up in the air where it
landed and shattered into dust.  

Today's exploring has taken us through the gauntlet -- briars, fire ants, and poisen ivy and yet nothing to
show for it. It is important to know that this hobby is not easy and that it takes lots of patience and work.
  Most all of the reports I have put up here on my website show the days we have been successful.  The
other 90% of the trips where we come back empty handed or very little to show are what no one sees.
Today was one of these.  In order to be successful at rockhounding you must love this hobby and you
must never let the bad days turn you away from it.
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