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One our most fantastic collecting locations for smoky quartz often included
 with superb crystals of rutile is now a part of history. Once a carved dirt path
 through the woods, now is a nicely paved and manicured subdivision with
 homes. This video is tribute to one of my the most memorable rockhounding
 experiences. It is also a tribute to Joe Moylan, if it were not for his wisdom
 and vigilance in searching this location's secrets would never have been revealed.

Joe and I dig quartz crystals from an alpine type fissure in Raleigh, NC.

This is a rare enhydro amethyst crystal I found at Diamond Hill in South Carolina.
The field trip to this location was hosted by the MAGMA club.

My friend and rockhound Joe narrates as he pulls crystals from a vein
in Chatham County, NC. For the full report Click Here

Possibly the epitome of dorkdom but hopefully some people will be entertained by watching
me clean some of the crystals from the Chatham County spot. For the full report Click Here

This is a double terminated crystal I found in Chatham County with Joe Moylan, the voice
and digger on the video. Joe was kind enough to extract it while I taped him. For the full report Click Here

For the full report Click Here

Joe Moylan (blue shirt), my girlfriend Angela, and myself (as cameraman) dig together in Chatham County.
For the full report Click Here

I ask some of the members of the MAGMA club why they love their hobby.
 They are digging in saprolitic granite for amethyst at the Reel Mine, Iron Station, NC.

This is Joe Moylan's reaction to a 12 cm smoky tessin habit crystal I found in Raleigh, NC on
September 12, 2010.

2010 3rd Annual North Carolina Knap-In

Glendon, NC

Reel Mine, November 26-28, 2010